nye sol' di peen]

  • Calcium channel blockers are effective in treating hypertension because they reduce peripheral resistance.

  • Arteriolar vascular tone depends on free intracellular Ca2+ concentration. Calcium channel blockers reduce transmembrane movement of Ca2+ , reduce the amount reaching intracellular sites and therefore reduce vascular smooth muscle tone.

  • All calcium channel blocks appear similarly effective for management of mild to moderate hypotension.

  • For low-renin hypertensive patients (elderly and African-American groups), Ca2+ channel blockers appear good choices for monotherapy (single drug) control.

  • Nisoldipine, a dihydropyridine, is similar to nifedipine but five to ten times more potent as a vasodilator and little effect on myocardial contractility.

  • Nisoldipine is available as a long-acting extended release preparation and appears effective in treating mild to moderate hypertension.

  • Adverse Effects:

    • Dizziness, headache and peripheral edema.

    • Concurrent use of cimetadine, a fatty meal, or grapefruit juice may increase serum concentrations and increase toxicity.


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