Nursing Pharmacology Chapter 38:  Antiparasitic Agents Practice Questions:  Antiprotozoal Drugs

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right with the items on the left.
Life-cycle:first stage of development in humans following mosquito infection
first stage of development sprorozoites multiply in the liver to form:
erythrocytic stage begins when
Merozoites invade red blood cells forming
one cycle of liver cell invasion and multiplication:
Dormant stage induced in hepatic cells
Treatment that eradicate these must consider both red cell and liver infestation:
Drug classification: tissue schizonticides
blood schizonticides (suppressive agents):
Prevent infection in mosquitoes by destroying blood gametocytes:
Drugs that render gametocytes noninfective in the mosquito:
Causal prophylactic drugs-prevent infection,example