Nursing Pharmacology Chapter 18:  Parkinson's Disease Matching Exercise

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dopa preparation containing levodopa and carbidopa
dopamine precursor used to increase CNS dopamine levels in Parkinson's disease
Neurological disorder characterized by chronic multiple tics
this dopamine receptor tied is localized in the substantia nigra zona compacta and presynaptically on striatal axons from dopaminergic substantia nigral cells
dopamine receptor type probably most important in mediating benefits of dopaminergic anti-Parkinsonian drugs
dopamine agonist; ergot derivative
example of an antimuscarinic agent useful in managing Parkinson's disease
benztropine mesylate
useful in managing the sensual tremor:
antiepileptic agent useful in managing essential tremor
may alleviate acute dyskinesia/dystonia precipitated by initial doses of phenothiazine antipsychotics