Anesthesia Pharmacology:  Pulmonary Pharmacology

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Factors that may trigger an asthmatic reaction


6Nasal Polyps

  • "Picture 1.  Nasal polyps. 

  • Rigid endoscopic view of the left nasal cavity, showing the spetum on the left. 

  • Polyps with some blood and hemorrhage are on top of them in the center portion. 

  • The rim of white from 1 o'clock to 4 o'clock indicaes the laternal nasal wall vestibute. 

  • The polyps cover the inferior turbinate, which is partially visible at 4 and 5'oclock."

  • "Picture 2. Nasal polyps.

  • Rigid endoscopic view of the left anterior nasal cavity, showing the septum on the left, a suction pushing the inferior turbinate on the right and the clear antral-choanal pymp at the center of the endoscoptic view."



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